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My name is Tane and l'm blessed to be living on the Hibiscus Coast, north of Auckland in New Zealand. My love of the sea, sand and coastline was ingrained from an early age, and my love of wood was possibly inherited from my building/furniture making father. 


My interest in using resin with wood began after falling in love with a live edge NZ Rimu table in a Northland art gallery. At the time my son was also working with resin making surf boards, so I decided to experiment and combine the two mediums.

I like my work to be functional, useful and encourage people to use my boards day to day as serving platters or cheese/chopping boards. Some customers use them as an art piece for their tables or walls, which also gives me great pleasure.


My boards are crafted mostly with recycled timber from old furniture and building sites. The aquatic theme of my work encompasses my passion for the sea. My boards are handmade from my home on the Hibiscus Coast between working part time at our local hospital .


I hope you enjoy my work and please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

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